About Me


Prepared to Serve You.

When you hire an attorney, you should get a very personal service.  Downloading forms from online is not personal service, and it will likely fail you as a solution when it matters most.  When you hire an attorney, you get a person.  My life has shaped me into a person that values faith and family, and that strives to solve issues not just according to law, but also according to honor.  I am prepared to deliver personalized solutions to meet your needs.

Caring for You.

When we started our firm, my partner and I wanted to care for you – the everyday person.  Estate planning is not only for the wealthy.  I help average families plan for incapacity, death, and other major life events all while avoiding a court’s involvement.  Proper planning can help everyday families plan for both the unexpected and expected significant events in life.

Some of our clients are well off – the kind of folks you expect to need a lawyer. But most are like you – like the role models that shaped me – everyday, hard-working folks.

I don’t practice law to have a fancy office, drive a fast car or vacation in exotic places.  I practice law to help everyday folks plan for tough times, and when tough times come, to help them through it.  Helping others plan for the future fulfills me because I get to make lifelong connections with people in matters that affect them on very real and practical levels.  Each day is new and brings exciting opportunities to structure solutions that matter to you.

Preparing Me.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a lawyer.  I was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and was third in line in a household of five kids, one of two boys.  Growing up, I was not around many doctors or lawyers.  I was around hard-working folks with every-day jobs – veterans, nurses, police officers, teachers, security guards, housekeepers, and oil field workers, and these became my role models.

My role models knew how to enjoy life. Being together, playing outside from the time school was out until dinner was ready, fishing, play-fighting with BB guns, or self-organized sports.  One of my best memories as a child was surprisingly simple, looking back.  Every now and then we’d get a mound of dirt delivered to our house (I don’t know if we used it for anything useful, or just to play).  My dad and I would get out a big tub of army men, whose helmets were painted red or blue, according to their respective “sides.”  We’d dig our guys into strategic positions on our side of the mound, and then lob dirt-clod bombs until the other side’s forces were depleted.  It was a fun time, and every day was different.

When I was in third grade, my life changed.  My dad underwent a surgery to remove a heart tumor, but something went wrong.  As a result, he was largely in a vegetative state for the remainder of his life.  My mom, being a nurse, cared for him at home during the next eight years.  On the positive side, I learned patience, devotion, and commitment from my Mom in those years.  On the downside, I saw the struggles families go through without proper planning, and the stress and uncertainty involved in protracted legal battles when someone is injured.

My family had always ingrained in me a strong faith and respect for family connections.  However, over the next several years, I had to do quite a bit of growing up, and my faith continued to deepen.  The focus of faith and family still shapes me today.

I always liked solving problems, so I started college studying engineering Oklahoma State University.  However, my interests led me to obtain a Finance degree.  Along the way, I took a couple law classes – business law and real estate law.  Through those classes, and talking to some lawyers I met along the way, I realized that practicing law could bring both the ability to solve complex problems while helping people in a way my role models helped individuals and capacity to do something different each day.

By the time I started law school at the University of Arkansas, I had begun a family of my own.  The challenges of pursuing a second degree while working and starting a new family caused me to learn the importance of time.  I used my time in law school as best I could.  I participated in clubs, spent time working for professors who would become priceless mentors, worked a variety of jobs and internships, served as a member of the law review publication, volunteered, and graduated with honors.  After graduation, I served as an AmeriCorps attorney at Legal Aid of Arkansas expanding legal services to veterans who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Your Advisor.

While many times, different clients need similar solutions; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Even when two clients have identical facts or issues, who they are is different, and their concerns are different.  Thus, each needs a solution that is personal to them.

As your advisor, the key is listening and understanding what is important to you.  Your solution may be saving your beneficiaries from a painful probate process or gaining peace of mind that if you become incapacitated, your affairs will be handled in the way you expect by someone you trust.  As your advisor, I will listen to what concerns you, and find solutions that fit you.